We will repair and renovate the floor, we will help to remove cracks and chipping

Our company carries out repairs and renovation of industrial floors. We repair both small industrial floors and large warehouse complexes.

About repair and restoration of flooring

Our company provides repair services of concrete floors. Concrete is a durable material, but when the production technology has been disrupted or the concrete has been operated under difficult conditions, it is destroyed over time. In concrete, the following problems arise: the upper layer collapses, dust appears, dilatations decompose, cracks appear and so on.
Floor repair
Floor repair

Concrete floors are an increasingly popular choice in modern interior design. Over time, however, even the highest quality concrete floors are exposed to wear, scratches and loss of original shine. In such situations, the restoration of concrete floors can help restore them to their former splendor and functionality. Floor repair includes a number of different processes that aim to eliminate any damage to the surface and restore its aesthetic appearance. There are many different techniques and methods of restoration, depending on the type of damage and customer requirements. One of the most popular floor repair is grinding. This process involves the mechanical removal of concrete surface layers using special grinding machines. Thanks to this, you can remove scratches, stains, old coatings and other damage, as well as smooth out surface irregularities.

The next step in floor repair can be the application of protective coatings and impregnations. Coatings can not only give the floor a new look, but also protect it from external factors such as moisture, chemicals or abrasion. There are many different types of coatings, depending on the needs of the customer, including epoxy, polyurethane or acrylic coatings. In the process of floor repair it is also possible to use surface staining, which allows you to get a new look and even imitation of other materials, such as wood or marble. Staining can be done with paints or resin floors, acid or acrylic, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

In summary, floor repair is a process that can restore radiance and aesthetics to even the most damaged surfaces. With a variety of techniques and materials, renovation can meet the different requirements and expectations of customers. With the right approach and professional execution, renovated concrete floors can please the eye and serve for many years. In order to perform concrete repair, the following steps should be performed: leveling the surface, removing the first layer, making repairs, grinding, processing with protective agents, giving gloss, polishing with soft discs.

Types of floors we repair:

  • industrial flooring;
  • concrete floors;
  • resin floors.

We can solve the problem with:

  • point defects;
  • cracks on the floor;
  • crushing of joints;
  • filling of scratches and cracks with repair material;
  • leveling the floor;
  • improving the strength of the upper layer of the floor;
  • elimination of the dusting effect;
  • filling voids in the concrete floor;
  • improving surface aesthetics.
If you need to repair your concrete floor, we are at your disposal. We are able to implement any ideas of the client.
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Catalog of safety barriers
We sell high-quality safety barriers for warehouses and garages
Protective post OS03
Protective post OS03
Pipe diameter 76 mm. Height 1200 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 120x120x10 mm. Weight 9 kg.
Protective post OS04
Protective post OS04
Pipe diameter 108 mm. Height 600 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 180x180x10 mm. Weight 9 kg.
Protective post LGS02
Protective post LGS02
Pipe diameter 108 mm. Height 1000 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 180x180x10 mm. Weight 14 kg.
Straight arched barrier OPP11
Straight arched barrier OPP11
Pipe diameter 76 mm. Length 1500 mm, height 600 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 120x120x10 mm. Weight 19 kg.
Safety barriers are used to protect building structures from trucks and to protect and restrict the movement of workers. Barriers can be installed on many types of floors, such as industrial concrete floors, resin floors, polished concrete and others. Barriers can be installed both outdoors and indoors.