Pumping concrete in difficult conditions with a mobile pump

We professionally pump concrete in difficult conditions using a mobile pump up to 300 meters long
Cost of the service

We provide concrete pumping services with a mobile pump in difficult conditions up to a length of 300 meters

Medium-sized concrete pump from Industrial Flooring LLC is suitable for work for which a small concrete pump is too small and a large pump cannot be parked. A medium-sized concrete pump gets the job done while keeping physical exertion to a minimum. Rent this concrete pump from us and entrust the work to our specialists.

Concrete pumps are specialized devices that significantly speed up and facilitate the construction process. They are a key element in any construction environment where transport of concrete over long distances, to high altitudes or to hard-to-reach places is required. But what exactly are concrete pumps for and what are their applications?

Concrete pumps are primarily used to move concrete from the place of its production to the place where it will be used as a building material. Thanks to them, builders do not have to transport heavy and sticky concrete manually, which significantly speeds up the pace of work and increases their efficiency. Concrete pumps are used in both small and large construction projects - from the construction of sidewalks and driveways, to the construction of multi-story buildings and the construction of highways.

Most modern concrete pumps are self-propelled devices that can be easily moved around the construction site. They are equipped with long arms that can be moved freely, which allows you to deliver concrete even to the most difficult to reach places. This is extremely useful, for example, during the construction of skyscrapers, when concrete must be moved to great heights.

Concrete pumps can be used to complete a wide range of projects. They are invaluable when building foundations - together with concrete mixers, they create an extremely effective tool for quickly and precisely creating a solid base for any structure. These pumps also participate in the construction of columns, walls and ceilings, which makes them an indispensable element at almost every stage of construction.

To sum up, concrete pumping is a key element on every construction site. Thanks to them, work related to the transport and application of concrete becomes faster, easier and more effective. Regardless of whether you are building a house, a skyscraper or a highway - a concrete pump is a device that will make it easier for you to complete this task.

Pumping concrete
Pumping concrete

Technical data:

  • Maximum pump capacity: 54 m3 per hour;
  • Maximum hose length: 300 m (check in advance);
  • Hose tip diameter: 65 mm / 55 mm;
  • Maximum concrete feeding height: 50 m.

Advantages of a medium-sized concrete pump:

  • Easy to apply to various types of concrete;
  • It is located between a large and small concrete pump, but is mobile like a small pump;
  • Work quickly, safely, cleanly and neatly;
  • Saving time and costs.
If you need professional services in pumping concrete in difficult conditions, we are at your disposal. We can implement any customer's ideas.
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The cost of pumping concrete in difficult conditions with a mobile pump

The total cost of the service consists of many factors, the main components are listed below
Service Scope of work Cost, net
Pump operation (minimum 4 hours) up to 4 hours 167 € / hours
from 4 hours 156.8 € / hours
from 12 hours on request
Pipeline rental 1-20 lin.m 15.4 € / lin.m
20-60 lin.m 14.7 € / lin.m
60-150 lin.m 13.6 € / lin.m
150-300 lin.m 13 € / lin.m
Access from Warsaw (both ways) Warsaw free of charge
1 km 0.9 € / km

The contractor ensures:

  • Water supply on the construction site at a distance of up to 20 meters to the place where the machine is located during operation, water with a pressure of at least 2 at, secured by the Ordering Party and at its expense;
  • The place where the machine is washed from the remains of the pumped mass;
  • Illumination of the area where work is to be performed in the case of work at night;
  • Occupying a road lane during the execution of the task at your own expense and responsibility;
  • Removal and disposal of spoil resulting from the work performed;
  • Cement laitance in the amount of 1.5 m3 delivered before each concreting.

The contractor will provide:

  • Delivery of the Putzmeister 1006 pump with accessories to the construction site at the indicated address;
  • Operating the pump during work.

The value range of the order includes:

  • Pump operation counting from the arrival of the pump at the construction site, laying out the pipeline, pumping, assembling the pipeline until the completion of the work and assembling the pump in the amount indicated in the pumping protocol. The minimum pump operating time is 4 hours.

Work safety rules:

  • When pumping the concrete mixture, the pipeline may become unsealed, clogged, or the pipeline may become clogged, which may result in an explosion.

Additional services:

  • Providing an employee for concreting;
  • Concrete vibrator rental;
  • Concrete cutting saw rental;
  • Laser level rental;
  • Pouring the slab, i.e. making a concrete screed for the floor on the ground (2-4 people + equipment);
  • Construction of industrial concrete floor, smooth / sharp troweling (2-4 people + equipment).
All additional services are billed separately.
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