We offer glossy polished concrete floor in various technologies

We produce polished concrete floors in three technologies: renovation and polishing of the old floor, nova traditional polished floor, new high-speed thin-layer polished floor.
Cost of the service

What kind of polished concrete floors can we make

These are the main types of polished floors that we can make

Restoration and polishing of old flooring

Restoration, grinding and polishing of old existing concrete floor.

New traditional polished floor

Making a new traditional concrete floor from standard concrete, which after 30 days will be polished (from 7 cm and more).

New fast low thickness polished floor

Making a new thin-layer concrete floor from a special cement mass, which will be polished the next day (from 10 to 35 mm).
Floor polishing

Fast low thickness polished floors

1. Korodur Copetti Floor

Introduced in the late 1990s, the cement - smooth exterior screed Korodur, also referred to as Korodur Copetti Floor, was a product of a collaboration between Alessandro Copetti, Italian architects, and designers.

An impressive Armani theater in Milan, which is an architectural marvel designed by Tokyo-based architect Tadao Ando, houses one of the foremost floors of the Korodur Copetti Floor (KCF in short). The theatre has 3000 square meters of area decoded in KCF, articulating the international presentations of Armani.

Another remarkable design is the 'corporate series' design house concept by the renowned New York architect, Daniel Libeskind. An ambitious vision to erect a 'Libeskind villa' in every nation across the globe, adhering to the leading benchmarks of sustainability, design, and distinctiveness, drives this enterprise. In 2010, the first of these villas boasting Korodur Design KCF polished floors was finished.

Korodur artisan floors leverage the technical expertise procured over decades of manufacturing Korodur industrial floors. The cement-mineral composition leads to variations in color and structure, which is not rare but contributes to the special quality which characterizes the distinctiveness of the polished visual screed.

Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing

2. Korodur Granidur

Granidur - polished floor and its granite aesthetics.

Korodur polished screed has been referred to as Granidur designer floor, which has an appearance that can range from a matte to a glossy look, depending on the requirement and creativity of the constructing party and designer.

A case in point is the renovated heumarkt metro station located to the south of Cologne Central Station. From Christmas 2013 onwards, it has exhibited the distinct, durable Granidur flooring, catering to the public. The plan for the forthcoming years is to provide similar upgrades for the other metro stations on the North-South Line.

Further, Tapiola - the biggest insurance company in Finland, headquartered not far from Helsinki, has been home to an exquisitely attractive white Granidur designer floor. Polished to achieve a mirror-smooth finish with cement, in particular, Granidur Bianco, the flooring is a sight to behold.

The foundation of the Korodur designer floors rests on the technical expertise harvested over the years of Korodur industrial floor production. The cement-mineral composition often leads to variations in color and structure, which is quite common but contributes towards defining the distinctive nature of the ground visual screed.

Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing

3. Korodur Truazzo

TRU Self-Leveling / TRU PC / TRU SP - These self-leveling solutions are highly recommended for enhancing the look of decorative floors.

TRU decorative flooring boasts superior features, including self-leveling, rapid setting, and exceptional polishability. These characteristics make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration. TRU's unique features are born from the high-quality and innovative technology of Rapid Set cement, sourced from the USA.

TRU Self-Leveling / TRU PC / TRU SP are versatile solutions that offer eye-catching, unique designs for a variety of spaces such as sales areas, restaurants, foyers, museums, administrative buildings, and any other spaces that need to make a good impression.

TRU is known for its high initial strength, long-lasting durability, and minimal shrinkage. The TRU material remains workable for up to 30 minutes, is walkable in 2-3 hours, and can be polished to a thick gloss just 24 hours after it's laid down.

Both TRU Self-Leveling and Tru PC come in a range of colors. Moreover, they can be further personalized by adding decorative aggregates such as glass or marble for additional effects. TRU PC even comes pre-mixed with decorative aggregate up to 2.5 mm in size.

Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing
Floor polishing

About polishing concrete floors

Our company provides polishing services for concrete floors. What types of flooring we polish:

After a long operation, the concrete floor begins to wear out. The result of the wear of concrete is the appearance of dust in the room. To get rid of dust, it is enough to polish the concrete floor. Also, polishing concrete makes it easier to clean the floor, as the surface becomes smooth.

We have the ability to polish any concrete in any room. It can be a small room in the House, stairs or a warehouse of more than 20,000 square meters. Before polishing the concrete floor, it is sometimes necessary to make repairs, we also provide this service. However, if the floor is in poor condition, we can make repairs or perform grinding of the floor with a heavy planetary machine using industrial vacuum cleaners.

Polished concrete floor polished concrete is a type of floor made of concrete that is polished using a special grinding device. This process removes unevenness and wrinkles from the concrete surface, giving it a smooth and shiny appearance.

The advantages of polished concrete floor include:

Floor polishing
Floor polishing

Our clients

We use American equipment from Lavina. The equipment works with LPG.
Safe for fire protection systems as well as for grocery stores.
Logistics complexes
Production halls
Stores of retail chains
Railway stations and airports
Cleaning companies
Family houses
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Cost of polishing concrete floors

The total cost of the service consists of many factors, below we have listed the main components
Service Scope of work Cost, net
Polishing with fast machine Lavina up to 150 m2 2556 €
150-300 m2 15.4 € / m2
300-600 m2 12 € / m2
600-1000 m2 8.5 € / m2
up to 1000 m2 5.2 € / m2

Price includes:

  • polishing steps 220 grit, 400 grit, 600 grit, 1600 grit, Buff;
  • impregnation for concrete protection;
  • impregnation for concrete gloss.

The price of work per square meter does not include the cost of materials and services. Materials and services for which you will have to pay extra:

  • protective PE film;
  • repairs;
  • grinding;
  • plastering.
The cost of work, if the concrete floor is reinforced with fiber, will be calculated separately. If the floor is in poor condition, first you need to grind with a heavy machine, then make repairs, and only then proceed to polishing with a fast machine.

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