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We professionally make concrete and industrial floor screeds, more than 10 years of work, more than 1 million meters of experience.
Cost of the service

Types of concrete floors that we make

The main and professional direction of our company is pouring and processing industrial concrete floors. Our experience is over 1.4 million square meters. We have been pouring concrete floors since 2009. To obtain good results, it is necessary to follow the technological process of making industrial concrete floors, as well as use high-quality materials. Our company can make an industrial floor for you in accordance with the technology and standards.

Modern construction methods focus on ease of maintenance, durability and aesthetics, which makes concrete industrial floor an increasingly popular choice not only for industry, but also for other sectors of the economy. But what exactly is an industrial concrete floor used for and where is it used? The answers to these questions can be found below. Industrial concrete floor is a type of floor that is made using high-strength concrete. It is extremely durable and resistant to weight, movement and abrasion, making it ideal for industrial applications. In places that require resistance to heavy loads, chemicals, high temperatures or intense traffic, a concrete floor is a solution that ensures long-term stability and durability.

The main use of industrial concrete floors is in the manufacturing industry. Thanks to their properties, they are particularly popular in industrial plants, factories, warehouses and aircraft hangars. They are a perfect solution for facilities that have to cope with the weight of large machines, intense traffic or constant loads. Another area where industrial concrete floors are used is the food industry. High hygiene standards require ease of cleaning and maintenance, which concrete floors certainly offer. Also in the retail sector, especially in large supermarkets and distribution centers, concrete floors are extremely useful due to their durability and resistance to heavy loads.

Buildings, garages and car service stations also use industrial concrete floors. They are resistant to oils and chemicals, so they are ideal for places where accidental spills of harmful substances may occur. Many developers choose industrial concrete for floors in large residential buildings such as apartment blocks. This is often seen in lobbies, parking lots, and other high-traffic areas. Concrete floors also have some applications in the medical, academic and commercial sectors, especially in those places that require ease of maintenance, durability and strength.

Concrete floors
Concrete floors

Types of concrete floors that we make:

  • industrial concrete floor;
  • polished concrete floor;
  • thin-layer concrete floor;
  • concrete floor for further application of resin floor;
  • reinforced concrete floor;
  • fibre reinforced concrete floor (synthetic or steel fibres);
  • concrete floor with hardener;
  • concrete entrance ramp;
  • concrete area / parking.

Additional services we provide:

  • construction joints;
  • drainage installation;
  • laying of PE film;
  • styrofoam laying;
  • laying the reinforcement mesh;
  • wall protection with PE film;
  • additional reinforcement around columns and near corners;
  • additional reinforcement of the entrance area;
  • installation of a metal corner under automatic gates;
  • chamfering the edges of the concrete seam;
  • laying of expansion cord and silicone.
If you need a professional concrete floor, we are at your disposal. We are able to realize all customer's ideas.

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The cost of industrial concrete floors

The total cost of the service consists of many factors, below we have listed the main components
Service Scope of work Net cost
Finishing concrete with a power trowel from 100 m2 2215 €
100-150 m2 15.4 € / m2
150-300 m2 13.7 € / m2
300-500 m2 12.3 € / m2
from 500 m2 from 11.6 € / m2

The price includes:

  • vibrating;
  • application of the hardener.

Price does not include:

  • PE film laying;
  • laying reinforcement;
  • installation of a metal corner under automatic gates;
  • additional reinforcement around columns and near corners;
  • drainage installation;
  • wall damping tape for floor screed application;
  • finishing the concrete floor with a power trowel machine;
  • impregnation;
  • making seams with a floor saw cutting machine;
  • laying of expansion cord and silicone;
  • delivery of materials;
  • equipment delivery.

The price of work per square meter does not include the cost of materials. Materials for which you will have to pay extra:

  • PE film;
  • wall damping tape;
  • concrete;
  • fibre reinforced concrete floor (synthetic or steel fibres);
  • hardener;
  • topping;
  • primer, expansion cord and silicone.
The cost of carrying the pump pipeline will be calculated separately.
Polishing of concrete floors
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Catalog of safety barriers
We sell high-quality safety barriers for warehouses and garages
Straight arched barrier OPP21
Straight arched barrier OPP21
Pipe diameter 108 mm. Length 1200 mm, height 600 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 180x180x10 mm. Weight 34 kg.
Shelf corner ORL03
Shelf corner ORL03
Height 1200 mm. Product dimensions 200x200 mm. Wall thickness 5 mm. Weight 20 kg.
Straight arched barrier LGOR02
Straight arched barrier LGOR02
Pipe diameter 76 mm. Length 1000 mm, height 500 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 120x120x10 mm. Weight 15 kg.
Section height 1880 mm. Section width 1000/2000 mm. Post height 2000 mm. Post size 100x100 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 180x180x10 mm.
Safety barriers are used to protect building structures from trucks and to protect and restrict the movement of workers. Barriers can be installed on many types of floors, such as industrial concrete floors, resin floors, polished concrete and others. Barriers can be installed both outdoors and indoors.