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We specialize in industrial flooring: concrete floors, resin floors, floor polishing, floor repairs.

About our work in the industrial flooring industry

Our company began its operations in 2009. The specialty of our company, Industrial Flooring LLC, is industrial flooring. We are well aware of the importance of their high quality, which is why we use the best materials and innovative technologies to ensure that our surfaces are durable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing!

In 2019, our company opened a representative office in Poland. Today, we have 4 crews employing over 20 people. Over 15 years of work, we have produced over 1 500 000 square meters of industrial flooring.

In cases where the most durable, resilient, and cost-effective floor covering is needed in a production hall, warehouse, or logistics terminal, gastronomic kitchen, or automotive workshop, modern industrial flooring will be the best solution. Our services for clients: concrete floors, resin floors (epoxy, polyurethane), floor polishing, floor repair.

Industrial Flooring

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Logistics Complexes
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Chain Stores
Railway Stations and Airports
Metro Stations

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1 500 000
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What is industrial flooring?

Industrial flooring, as the name suggests, is a type of flooring designed for industry. It has been designed to withstand heavy loads, intense movements, and heavy wear and tear that are typical of an industrial environment. They are made of different materials, such as concrete, epoxy resins, polyurethane, or vinyl, depending on the specific requirements and conditions.

Industrial floors are extremely durable, resistant to impacts, scratches, chemicals, and also easy to keep clean. Although they are mainly used in factories, warehouses, workshops, garages, etc. increasingly, they are also used in homes, especially in spaces such as garages, basements, or kitchens, due to their practicality and durability.

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Catalog of safety barriers
We sell high-quality safety barriers for warehouses and garages
Straight arched barrier OPP22
Straight arched barrier OPP22
Pipe diameter 108 mm. Length 600 mm, height 1200 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 180x180x10 mm. Weight 34 kg.
Low barrier short OW02
Low barrier short OW02
Pipe diameter 76 mm. Length 800 mm, height 86 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 150x75x10 mm. Weight 7 kg.
Arched corner barrier OPL05
Arched corner barrier OPL05
Pipe diameter 108 mm. Length 600 mm, height 600 mm, width 600 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 180x180x10 mm. Weight 36 kg.
Straight arched barrier OPP13
Straight arched barrier OPP13
Pipe diameter 76 mm. Length 700 mm, height 1000 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 120x120x10 mm. Weight 16 kg.
Safety barriers are used to protect building structures from trucks and to protect and restrict the movement of workers. Barriers can be installed on many types of floors, such as industrial concrete floors, resin floors, polished concrete and others. Barriers can be installed both outdoors and indoors.