Report on the work done Industrial concrete floor - Poznan, 5000 m2

In 2022, we made industrial concrete floors in Poznań. Initially, we tried to repair the old concrete floor, but the client made the decision to put a new industrial concrete floor.

What we did on this construction:

  • levelling and compaction of the soil;
  • additional reinforcement around columns and near corners;
  • execution of a concrete entrance ramp;
  • production of industrial concrete floor in DST technology;
  • execution of street parking from brushed concrete (broom finish);
  • cutting of construction seams;
  • laying of expansion cord and silicone.

Advantages of industrial floors

The main advantages of concrete flooring is the fact that it is highly resistant to mechanical abrasion.

Screeding concrete and industrial floors

Industrial concrete floors are a commonly used solution in industrial construction. They are an ideal choice for production halls, warehouses, hangars or parking lots. They are characterized by high strength, durability and resistance to mechanical and chemical loads. In this article, we will present the advantages of industrial concrete floors and the most important features to pay attention to when designing and manufacturing them.

Industrial concrete floors are a solution that is becoming increasingly popular in industrial construction. This is due to their numerous advantages, which affect the quality and durability of the surfaces performed. The main advantages of concrete floors are:

Industrial concrete floor

1. Resistance to mechanical damage – industrial concrete floors are very resistant to mechanical damage, such as scratches or impacts, which affects their durability.

2. Resistance to chemicals – industrial concrete floors are characterized by resistance to chemicals, which means that they are not destroyed by acids, alkalis or salts.

3. Easy maintenance – industrial concrete floors are easy to maintain and keep clean. It is enough to wash them regularly to preserve their aesthetic appearance.

4. Adaptability for different needs - industrial concrete floors can be customized for different needs, which means they can be designed to meet specific requirements.

Application of industrial floors

Industrial concrete floors are mainly used in industrial buildings, warehouses, production halls, as well as in parking lots, shops and other public facilities.

Their main advantage is their high strength and resistance to mechanical damage, which makes them ideal for places where high strength and abrasion resistance are required, such as production rooms, warehouses, sports halls, as well as parking lots where the presence of heavy vehicles is common.

Industrial concrete floor

In addition, industrial concrete floors are used in places where ease of maintenance is required, since concrete is stain resistant and easy to clean. Therefore, they are often used in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries, where cleanliness and hygiene are required.

Finally, industrial concrete floors are also used in places where special properties such as anti-static, anti-slip, chemical resistance are required, which makes them suitable for applications in chemical laboratories, operating rooms and other specialized workplaces.

Industrial concrete floor

Results of work:

  1. levelling and compaction of the soil - 15002;
  2. making an entrance ramp - 50 m2;
  3. production of industrial concrete floor in DST technology - 5000 m2;
  4. execution of street parking from brushed concrete - 500 m2;
  5. cutting and filling the dilatation with a sealing polyurethane - 1400 lin.m.
16 march 2024
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Arched hanging barrier OPS04
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