Report on the work done Industrial concrete floor - Lodz, 2800 m2

In 2023, we made industrial concrete floors in Łódź. We participated in the construction of a large hospital. First we made an industrial concrete floor, and then we put a resin floor on it.

What we did on this construction:

  • additional reinforcement of the entrance area;
  • additional reinforcement around columns and near corners;
  • execution of concrete entrance ramp;
  • production of industrial concrete floor in DST technology;
  • cutting and filling the dilatation with a sealing polyurethane.

Use of concrete floors in parking lots

Concrete flooring is a popular solution for parking lots that offers many benefits. It is a durable, easy-to-clean and aesthetic solution that makes the parking lot a functional place for vehicles.

Screeding concrete and industrial floors

One of the most important advantages of industrial concrete flooring is its strength. Concrete is a solid material and resistant to heavy loads, which means that it can withstand the weight of cars and even trucks. This makes the concrete floor ideal for large parking lots, where traffic is very intense.

In addition, industrial concrete floor is also resistant to mechanical damage such as abrasion, defects or cracks. It is also resistant to chemicals such as oil or fuel, which is often found in parking lots. Thanks to this, the concrete floor retains its aesthetics and functionality even after a long period of use.

Industrial concrete floor

Easy maintenance of industrial concrete floor

Another advantage of the concrete floor is its ease of keeping it clean. Concrete can be easily cleaned with water and detergent or a mop. The resistance of concrete to stains and dirt makes keeping the parking lot clean easier and more efficient.

Industrial concrete flooring can also be adapted to the aesthetic and functional needs of the parking lot. It can be painted in different colors to mark parking spaces or for better visibility of road signs. It is also possible to apply different patterns, textures and finishes to create a unique and attractive space.

Industrial concrete floor

It is also important to remember about the correct design and execution of industrial concrete floor in the parking lot. It is necessary to ensure the correct laying of concrete, the right thickness and the right foundation to ensure the durability and strength of the floor.

In conclusion, industrial concrete floor is an excellent solution for parking lots due to its durability, ease of maintenance and aesthetics. It provides a solid foundation for vehicles, minimizing the need for repairs and replacement. Therefore, it is worth considering the use of concrete flooring in your parking lot to ensure a safe, functional and attractive place for vehicles.

Industrial concrete floor

Results of work:

  1. laying insulation and reinforcing mesh - 2800 m2;
  2. execution of concrete entrance ramp - 150 m2;
  3. production of industrial concrete floor in DST technology - 1500 m2;
  4. production of industrial concrete floor - 1300 m2;
  5. cutting and filling the dilatation with a sealing polyurethane - 680 lin.m.
16 march 2024
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Arched corner barrier OPL04
Arched corner barrier OPL04
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Straight arched barrier OPP15
Straight arched barrier OPP15
Pipe diameter 76 mm. Length 1500 mm, height 1000 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 120x120x10 mm. Weight 22 kg.
Protective post OS05
Protective post OS05
Pipe diameter 108 mm. Height 1200 mm. Wall thickness 3 mm. Leg dimensions 180x180x10 mm. Weight 17 kg.
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